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Who We Are


Founded by a Houston Police Sergeant, with the help of the Houston Police Officers Union, Paper Houses Across the Border is a nonprofit charity working in the colonias of Mexico. Although we occasionally help in several places in Mexico, our primary work is in the city of Acuna, Mexico  (a mile from Del Rio, Texas).


We are searchers and we help where we find a real need. Consequently, we support shelters, feed hungry kindergarten and primary school children, and make life-changing and life saving medical help possible.


We are searchers and have helped the dying, shelters for children, a drug recovery shelter, homes for the elderly, schools and learn about the colonias by visiting people in their homes. We have also responded to disasters and emergency situations.


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You Can Help!


Simply email us if you are willing and able to help with:


  • Edit pages of our website or our documents
  • Translate pages of our website and/or our documents
  • Organize a fund raiser
  • Assist with photo editing and tagging
  • Arranging for an invitation to have Bob speak at your work, church, club or organization
  • Make us known! Email friends with a link to this site.
  • Make us known! Tell friends and family why you support our work.


Often, people contribute for a specific charity each year, so we are always in need of new supporters. By liking Paper Houses on FaceBook and by commenting about Paper Houses on various social media, you may 'create' new supporters.


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Know that your financial support is spent on the people in need. We are an all volunteer organization.



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