August 15, 2014


Alinne Arrived in Mexico City for her surgery. Born blind, she is now 11-years old and the doctors discovered a malignant tumor behind her left eye and feared that it could spread throughout her brain. On Saturday morning the tumor and her left eye was removed. The eye was replaced with a prosthetic eye. Alinne is doing well and will soon be home.

August 1, 2014


You made a real difference to the people that were struck by the flood. Many received help with food, water, clothing, and construction material. Although these people live within sight of Texas, they remain in Mexico and are doing all that is possible to help themselves. I was often overwhelmed with families that wanted to express their gratitude for the help from "The Americans that work with Paper Houses" and I wish each of you could have been with me on my most recent walk in the Colonias.

Special Needs Children and the Flood


 June 2014


Recovering at home, Antonio was pulled from his bed and carried up the ladder to the roof, as the sudden flood waters kept rising. Eventually, the water reached the roof. After the water subsided, Antonio was taken to the hospital to make certain none of his stitches broke. His family lost everything. When I write 'everything' I am remembering looking at the inside of this house. The refrigerator, stove, bedding, furniture, clock and the small TV that was in his room are all gone. Clothing - washed away or destroyed. Food - washed away of destroyed. Like all of the other houses, there is simply nothing left. The appliances and furniture were all purchased on credit. The credit of the poor is not Visa or Master Card. The stores provide credit and payments are payroll deducted.

Christian has already experienced brain surgery and he will need another surgery. His home was also flooded. He also waiting on the roof with his parents as the waters continued to rise. The house was completely filled with water and all was lost. Like other families, they have no way to replace anything. Unlike other families, they also need to get their son to Monterrey for another operation.


As I explained in another post, the three children in this picture are all deaf-mutes. Yes, they also were in the same colonia as Antonio and Christian. Yes, they also lost everything that they own. We are doing all that we can in this colonia.


We are also helping the parents of Gabby. You may recall that her mother sells her own blood to keep food on the table.


We also met another paralyzed child in this same colonia and an elderly woman confined to a wheel chair.


I return to the colonias to continue delivering your help and I continue to hear mothers ask, "Why are these Americans doing so much to help my child? They've never even met my child. How can I thank them? How can I explain how I feel?"

´Ě»Acuna Flood At 4 a.m. the flood struck Acuna and Del Rio, Texas. Entire blocks of homes, on both sides of the Rio Grand were quickly washed away. What is left of Tropical Storm Charley seems to be sitting over the twin cities of Acuna and Del Rio. I am told that entire colonias are submerged. Because of the flooding I cannot get to those colonias. I am told that even the cinder block homes have been washed away. The Mexican news agencies report that 9 people are confirmed dead as they tried to cross a flooded gully by using a rope. It is impossible to know the real numbers of dead and missing. The transient population, the large number of little children from Latin America that recently arrived in Acuna are unknown. The creeks that run off the Rio Grand quickly flooded the nearby houses. Parents cannot get to their homes from the factories, so they have no idea if their children are safe. Electrical power is gone. Snakes are filling the water. The Rio Grand is at least a mile wide at the bridge.

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