Alfredo diagnosed with cancer. A three year old Cancer Fighter!

Alfredo Receiving Chemo

Diagnosed with a malignant tumor on his neck, Alfredo traveled to the hospitals of Monterrey for a series of chemotherapy. When the tumor is shrunk enough, doctors will perform surgery.

Happy Little Boy

In spite of chemotherapy, needles, doctors, and hospital trips, Alfredo remains a happy little boy.

Waiting Surgery

Alfredo's mother sent this photo, taken at the hospital the night before surgery. The surgery lasted over 6-hours and doctors are optimistic. They expect to keep Alfredo in the hospital for several weeks.


May 17, 2021

Alfredo was diagnosed with a cancer tumor on his neck. Doctors said he must begin chemotherapy on February 2, 2021. He continued with chemotherapy and today is scheduled for surgery. Doctors expect him to remain in the hospital for several more weeks. We are waiting for more details.


His father works at a factory and earns $49.75 per week, when the factory is open. The cost of transportation to the hospital is $250! Your help makes it possible for this child to live.

Itiel 15 years old Cancer Fighter

Itiel Isais Cancer Fighter!

Diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, since January of 2021 we've provided monthly assistance so that he can receive chemotherapy in Monterrey.

We provided a Computer

Keeping up with school work is a real challenge, especially in this time of Covid-19. The computer accesses both the statewide and local education system. Itiel and his parents are very thankful

Itiel and Kamilia

Itiel is friends with Kamilia, another child we help with cancer treatments. Itiel's father works recycling and his mother cooks and sells tacos.



When doctors explained the tumor is malignant, they said that after the tumor shrinks, they will operate. We promised the family that we would commit to helping them for two years so that their son can receive the treatments and surgery. We also help with educational materials, a computer, and provide some economic assistance to this poor family.