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Professor Alma: Teacher and Mother to the Blind         

Professor Alma founded Acuna’s classroom for the visually impaired and continues to work non-stop to help her students and their families. Paper Houses are proud to be a part of her outstanding work.

She continues to create books, games, and other teaching aids. Professor Alma also teaches parents and public school teachers to better relate to and teach children with severe visual challenges. Before she contacted teachers and visited them in their classrooms, most teachers could only give blind children ‘busy work’ and little real education. Today, these students receive the same education, complete the same homework assignments, and pass the same tests as sighted students. Paper Houses Across the Border provides Braille machines, books, training manuals, and other materials to make this all possible.         

Your donations are being used.  Routine payments to help shelters, provide meals, and pay for scheduled medical care are not the only way we use your wonderful generosity. Every month, we use your donations on emergencies. When a child needs an emergency blood transfusion, she cannot wait for us to take up a collection. We act. Sometimes we reach out and ask for extra help, but we act as quickly and directly as possible. It is usual for Bob to meet Brenda at a hospital where she has just taken a child.
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