Our Work

Our primary approach is to walk the streets, visit homes, schools, shelters, and facilities like the classroom for the blind. Sometimes we respond to specific requests as we walk the streets, but we primarily go door-to-door. When visiting, we often bring a small groceries box as an unconditional gift to the families or places we visit. (click here to read WHY)

We intentionally have no office. Visiting people in their homes is critical to understanding situations. People are not names on a form or numbers in a database. People have families, friends, and neighbors. We sometimes discover the initial problem does not tell the entire story when we see more than one problem (for example, parents did not mention their medical issues when asking us to help their child).

Explaining what we do would be easier if we focused on one type of problem, but we try to accept whatever challenges put in front of us during our walks. A child needing surgery is not rejected because we only help with chemotherapy. Education, shelters, after-school programs, building materials, braille machines for the blind, food, water, and supporting shelters are all part of what we do.

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