Haitians near bridge

After two operations, we see that much can be done.

Ian photos showing progress.
Early in September, Ian received a device to help shape his mouth in preparation for his next operation.

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We met Ian and were told that nothing could be done. Diagnosed with hydrocephalus cleft palate, and cleft lip the doctors told the family that surgery was too dangerous for their child.

We reached out to several experienced surgeons and found a team that could change Ian's world. The medical team met with Ian's parents and told the family he was a good candidate for surgery.

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Ian's first surgery addressed the "water on the brain" and this relieved the life threatening pressure. After a recovery period and more examinations, Ian received another operation to begin addressing the cleft palate and cleft lips. Another trip to the hospital addressed part of his problems with gums and teeth.

Throughout the series of trips to the hospital, his parents worked hard to raise money. Paper Houses continued to supplement their efforts.

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Ian was scheduled for additional hospital appointments, but these were postponed due to covid-19 travel restrictions.

In September of 2021, restrictions were lifted. Doctors examined Ian and created a device to help shape his mouth in preparation for his next operation.

We continue to seek donations to make this surgery possible and hope it can occur in October of 2021.

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