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One step at a time!

    Everyone prospers when we build a future for those in need.
    Improving one life improves all lives.
    No child should know hunger, be denied education, lack shelter or lack critical medical help.
    Our lives improve as we work in friendship with those, who like us, are in need.
    Each of us is part of the plan.

Children at first Casa HogarFounded in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) public charity and so designated by the IRS, our primary approach is simple. We walk the streets of the colonias, visiting families, schools, public hospitals, and businesses. When we see a problem, we quickly gather information and work directly with the family, school, shelter, or individual to understand how we can help them solve their problem.

Sometimes we reach out to other charities, businesses in Mexico, or medical professionals and coordinate a team to address the problem.

We try to purchase what we need in Mexico because that helps the local economy and eliminates import taxes and inspections at the border.

We do not require the people we help to be a member of a particular religion or political party.

We do not require the people we help to be a member of a particular religion or political party.

Mission Statement

Paper Houses Across the Border is a nonprofit corporation, and our mission is to improve the quality of life for American families and for the impoverished families living in the colonias by working cooperatively with the families and institutions in the colonias.

Our Purpose

Provide people the experience of selfless charity and mission in the colonias of Mexico. With God’s help, Paper Houses will reduce the number of hungry children throughout the world by instilling compassion in a generation that hears and responds to the cries of those in need.

Where We Work

We work primarily work near the Mexican/Texas Border.


Mexican five years old in costume.

Respect the culture of the people we serve.

Respect the dignity of work and self-achievement.

Strive to improve the quality o f life in the colonias by working with the people to support projects that help our friends succeed in business, home ownership, and support programs that provide food, shelter and love for the most neglected.

Always engage in behavior that is beyond ethical reproach and respects the customs, laws, and beliefs of the people.

Respecting a culture is more than merely enjoying traditional dances and songs. It includes accepting local methods of construction. Respecting a culture means listening to how and why things are done a certain way and not assuming that we know better.


Life and individual religious beliefs are sacred and respected.

We value customs and traditions.

Our role is to provide support, friendship, material, and guidance to help the people of the colonias resolve problems.

Our focus is the colonia (neighborhood) and we work with the residents at the basic neighborhood level.

The children of the colonias are our most valuable asset.

We exist to work in partnership with the people of the colonias by servicing their needs.

People should be treated fairly and equitably in recognition of basic human dignity and as a means of enriching life.

Face to face encounters are the best way to accomplish our purpose and mission.


Social Responsibility and Sterardship sign.

We carefully manage and watch over the results of your donations. We visit families in their homes and verify the needs. We talk with neighbors, doctors, teachers, and people in the community to better understand situations. Unannounced visits to schools, shelters, hospitals, and families are part of our routines. We review receipts and also talk with vendors. When we work with other charities on projects we never simply hand over your money and we insist on managing such projects.

Privacy Policy


We do not sell, rent, or share your information, beyond what is required by our bank and the IRS.

We do not sell, rent, or share your information, beyond what is required by our bank and the IRS.

A Most Important Lesson from Alexis

ALexis, blind child after remaining eye had been removed.

Brain cancer resulted in operations that took both of his eyes before his 5th birthday. Since that time, here are some things he said.

They took my other eye. I will never see.

Since I cannot become a firefighter when I grow up, "I think I will become a teacher for blind children. I think that will be a good use of my life.

The reason I learned to walk down to the little store is because Mommy is always so busy! This way, I can help her by going to the store.

Look over there! Mommy, what a beautiful moon! I can see it in my heart.

Yes, little Alexis turned and pointed directly at the moon. For Christmas, he asked for a bike. With his mother's approval, my daughter Marybeth and her husband Aaron, rushed to pay for a brand new bike.

The lesson is simple. Do not worry about what we cannot do. Instead, immediately do what we can. Do not live in fear, but live with purpose. Make use of our life in the service of others.

Donate to a specific child or project by entering the Name (i.e. Alma) in the memo field of your check or electronic donation.

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Mail checks and write to:

Paper Houses
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Email: bobdecker8@gmail.com


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Privacy Policy: We do not sell, rent, or share your personal information.

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