Brenda and Jonathan. Jonathan is in his wheelchair.

Mrs Brenda Martinez Reyes represents Paper Houses Across the Border in Acuna. Because she lives in Acuna, she quickly responds to calls we receive from the people in the colonias.

Brenda also serves as a translator and photographer, and accompanies families to doctors, bus stations, etc. She travels door to door delivering food and other items to the families in need.

Brenda receives no compensation, uses her own vehicle, and has done so for many years. 


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This is the x-ray of Jonathan's leg. We can clearly see that the metal leg brace is too big and not properly aligned.

In Mexico, lawsuits are very difficult to file. The doctor that performed this surgery will not return phone calls.

There is no point in casting blame. The real issue is to move quickly and have Jonathan's leg repaired. We have him scheduled for surgery. 

We keep it simple. A little boy cannot walk. We will see this is changed. 

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